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Asset Management, December 2008

From the President

As President and an officer of IBTTA over the last 12 months, it has been my privilege to visit four continents to meet with leaders and colleagues in this worldwide community we call tolling. Last October, we held our Annual Meeting in Vienna, Austria, celebrated 75 years of IBTTA history, and looked to the future of our industry. In March of this year, we held a major conference to strengthen our ties with South America. With more than 300 delegates from 19 countries, IBTTA’s Toll Road Summit of the Americas in Argentina was a huge international success. There is a clear hunger for more opportunities to  share information and experiences.Attending the ASECAP meeting in Morocco was a great opportunity to connect with toll industry colleagues from 20 European nations. In different languages, the questions are the same. September gave me with the opportunity to preside over IBTTA’s 76th Annual Meeting  and Exhibition in Baltimore where nearly 900 delegates from six continents engaged in spirited discussions about the worldwide credit crisis, interoperability, sustainable mobility, leveraging assets, and the politics of tolling.Reflecting on the past 12 months and the theme of this issue of Tollways, it has  become apparent that asset management is a critical success factor for our industry. For me, the most important assets are the relationships forged with the people in this industry: smart, hard-working, caring people who design, build and maintain our bridges, tunnels and turnpikes; who collect the money to  support our facilities; who provide customer service to the drivers on our roads; and who develop the policies and products to expand mobility options. Working together, we will find the solutions to long-range transportation needs. We’re all in the business of asset management. And relationships are the most important asset of all. 

--Susan A. Buse, North Texas Tollway Authority

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