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Building Strategic Alliances, Winter 2007

From the President

As I assume the role of the 75th President of IBTTA in January 2007, my agenda for the year is to build strategic alliances to help alleviate transportation congestion, which is robbing our communities of their freedom of mobility. With major limitations in the amount of revenues that will come from fuel taxes in the future, I believe user-financed transportation and technology will be the keys to help overcome the effects of more and more vehicles on our facilities. I want IBTTA to be thought of not just for how we generate our revenues but also for the vital role our members play each day in moving the world – safely and efficiently. No one can match the value we provide our customers, communities and economy. During a recent international conference on freeway and tollway operations, many of the presenters talked about the need for tolling to help solve the transportation funding crisis. This led my friend and predecessor Santiago Corral to say afterwards, “We’re sitting in velvet.” Another colleague, Susan Buse translated that comment into her adopted Texan as “We’re in high cotton.” In my home state of Florida, we would say “It’s as sweet as a Florida orange.” In other words, the tolling industry is in a favored position because government officials from around the world are looking to us to help them solve their transportation funding and congestion problems. The challenges ahead are many but we need not face them alone. We are leaders in delivering mobility through our expertise in transportation finance, technology, management, operations and customer service. As we build strategic alliances with those who have similar goals, we enhance our collective ability to provide mobility for future generations. We the members of the International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association and our friends stand ready to serve in any way we possibly can.-- James Ely

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