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Connecting People, Places & Ideas, Winter 2007/2008

From the President...

As IBTTA President in 2008, I’m focused on “Connecting People, Places and Ideas,” which is our theme for this year. Connecting people, places and ideas is what IBTTA is really all about. Our very mission is to provide a forum for sharing knowledge and ideas to promote and enhance toll financed  transportation services. We do this through the many activities in which IBTTA is involved. We do it through advocacy and data analysis. We do it through publishing this premier peer-reviewed journal and many other publications. And we do it especially through the many thought-provoking meetings and  workshops we host throughout the year. We’ll be connecting people in such interesting places as Buenos Aires, New Orleans, Avignon, Baltimore and elsewhere around the globe. As President, I intend to leverage the unique strength of our diversity, hundreds of organizations in 25 countries on six continents,  and our expertise in user financed transportation to advance mobility around the globe. In 2008 we’ll host eight major educational and networking events. As we do so, we stay connected to the idea that mobility is about more than simply moving vehicles and people safely and efficiently through  highways, bridges and tunnels. Mobility is also about creating the conditions under which economic growth, environmental sustainability, peace and freedom can flourish around the globe. Is it naïve to speak of IBTTA and its mission in such grandiose terms? No. Tolling is a very significant industry. It is  becoming even more significant every day as people all over the world recognize the importance of time, safety, convenience and mobility in the transportation choices they make. I look forward to working with you to advance the mission of IBTTA by connecting people, places and ideas.

--Susan A. Buse, North Texas Tollway Authority

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