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Delivering Real Solutions, Summer 2012

From the President...

As President of the IBTTA in 2012, I have adopted the theme “Delivering Real Solutions.” I decided on this theme as I have watched the tolling industry evolve  quickly to a 21st century powerhouse; able to provide cheap, flexible, dependable, customer oriented, efficient, transparent, and accountable highway transportation services in our demanding and changing marketplace. More than ever, we work harder and we work smarter, because we are in a constant state of evolution, keeping alive our values of good engineering judgment for the public interest, and constantly reinvent - ing our ingenuity and embracing the technology and management tools our industry produces. The financial crunch and the fiscal crisis have created a new scenario, which is here to stay. Nothing is going to be the same as before. It looks like a number  of quantum leaps are coming in the very near future. We still do not knowwhat many of these new realities are going to look like, but it seems clear that paying for the use of surface transportation infrastructure will soon be a daily aspect of our lives. Governments need our hard work to deliver sustainable and reliable solutions. Now is the perfect time to step up as that powerhouse. Our industry is coming together in ways we only hoped for just a few years ago; we are learning from  each other every day and participating in discussions that generate real ideas. Our advocacy is reaching out even further to gather the support we so greatly need. Our ideas are highlighted even more so in this edition of Tollways. We hope you enjoy them!

--Jordi Graells, President, Abertis USA Corp

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