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Driving Sustainability, Fall 2010

From the President...

It has been my honor to serve as your president this year under the theme “Driving Sustainability.” I come from Canada where working and playing outdoors is part of our national identity. During my lifetime I have seen some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes. And my service on the IBTTA board has taken me to some of the most beautiful places on the planet. I hope our children and grandchildren will enjoy the same natural beauty that we enjoy today.
We all recognize the importance of sustainability. I was pleased to co-chair a summit on sustainable transportation in St. Louis in 2009 that focused our attention on the things we must do now to protect our world. We know that the transportation sector is a huge user of fossil fuels and we need to become better stewards of this scarce and precious resource. On a global basis our transportation systems account for about 27% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. For the sake of our world, our children, and their children we need to provide leadership. 
We in the toll industry have the opportunity to be on the leading edge of sustainable transportation. As economies around the world shift away from fossil fuels and towards cleaner and more sustainable propulsion technologies, the systems of road user charging we have developed will be essential to the protection and preservation of our road, tunnel, and bridge infrastructure. We must work together to advance sustainability.
Steve Snider, General Manager & CEO, Halifax Harbour Bridges, Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada
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