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Leadership, Winter 2005

From the President

“Keep moving!” Those were my father’s words of advice whenever he saw me getting behind in my work or discouraged or simply acting lazy. He received this same advice from his staff sergeant while helping his troops avoid enemy fire in World War II. Whether we are under attack from an unseen enemy or advancing in a positive way toward a desirable goal, the advice to “keep moving” makes intuitive sense. As I begin my IBTTA presidency I intend to lead the Association under the theme of “leadership and learning.” We intend to be leaders in the policy debates about transportation and finance all over the world, and we intend to maintain that leadership by continually striving to learn more about the toll business every day.  In the last several years, IBTTA has done a number of things to better serve its members and the industry and to raise the level of debate about the role that tolling should play in the transportation systems of nations all over the world. Together, we have implemented a long-range plan and a strategic plan. We have renewed our emphasis on being a truly international association and formed an alliance with ASECAP, the European Association of Tolled Motorway Operators. And most recently, our board approved a new three-year business plan that will keep the Association focused on important issues ahead of us and cement our leadership in the transportation industry. I look forward to building on the solid accomplishments of my predecessors to build an association that keeps moving in the direction of leadership and learning. I invite you to join us along the way. -- Stephen F. Mayer, Ph.D.; P.E.

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