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Learning, Spring 2005

From the President

In words and photographs, world renowned photographer Steve Uzell articulated the message that “chance favors the prepared mind” during a spellbinding presentation to a group of association executives recently gathered in Orlando.  Steve Uzell’s presentation is called “Open Roads Open Minds.” If ever there was a time when we needed both of these things, now is the time.  The idea of preparing your mind is absolutely critical during these times of rapid change in our industry. The tolling industry seems to be exploding right now, with new projects starting and new toll agencies forming all over the U.S.  and the world. Minds are opening more and more to the possibilities presented by tolling and road charging. These possibilities include increased mobility, reduced congestion, improved safety and increased investment in highways that are suffering all over the world. But to get to these open roads, we  need more open minds. We need open minds, not just among politicians and those who control government purse strings. We also need more open minds within our own industry. The introduction of electronic toll collection has dramatically changed the face of tolling in the last 15 years. We will see even  more dramatic changes in our industry during the next five years as more facilities move to open road tolling and governments look with increasing interest for ways to exploit the advantages of tolling. To survive in these times – to take advantage of opportunities and to avoid potential threats – we need open minds. Right  now, it is easy to see ourselves riding the crest of a wave in which tolling is on the ascendancy all over the world. However, without an open mind, we could just as easily find ourselves crushed beneath the wave’s pounding surge. Let’s remember that chance favors the prepared mind so we can continue to be  players in the open roads of tomorrow. --Stephen F. Mayer, P

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