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Mapping the Future, Winter 2006

From the President

I am pleased to have the opportunity to serve IBTTA as your president this year and to welcome you to the winter 2006 issue of Tollways. “Moving Forward – Driving Change” is the IBTTA theme for 2006. This theme is a reflection of the tremendous changes that are taking place in surface transportation all over the world and the important role that tolling will play in bringing about those changes. The toll industry is moving forward with public officials, shippers, highway users and average citizens. It is gaining ground in helping the public accept and embrace the user pay principle as the most effective means to finance, build and operate critical road infrastructure. Through successful application of new technologies, operational excellence, market pricing and a keen focus on customer service, the toll industry is driving change in the way we all look at transportation. The authors in this issue represent a variety of  disciplines in our industry. They are looking at many different problems and coming up with elegant solutions. They all look through a different lens to see what the industry is about. But the sum of their visions is an industry that is on the move and changing.  As an industry that is driving change, we need to continually seek new ideas and new ways of looking at things. That is why Tollways is such a beautiful thing, because there are so many different points of view. I hope you enjoy this issue of Tollways and encourage you to read it innocently, to listen to what the authors are trying to say. -- Santiago Corral

About This Issue: