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Open Road Tolling, Autumn 2005

From the President

When I began my IBTTA presidency almost a year ago, I talked about my desire to lead the Association under the theme of “leadership and learning.” As leaders and managers of toll agencies, financial services firms, technology integrators, engineering consultants, business process outsourcing  specialists, law firms and more, we in the toll industry are under continuous pressure from our clients and customers to provide new and innovative solutions, in short, to lead every day. This is a good thing. Without that pressure to lead, we probably would not have the motivation to engage in continuous  learning. Let’s be frank: learning is not easy. In many cases, it’s downright hard. The process of learning is uncomfortable because it forces us to let go of the familiar and to embrace the unfamiliar, the awkward, and the challenging. But that’s also what makes our jobs great. It makes our industry great. The tolling industry is living the challenge of leadership and learning every day. The technological innovations in tolling in the last 15 years have turned the traditional tolling business model on its head. The model is no longer “stop, pay, go.” It’s “go, go, go” and let the experts figure out how to collect the  money that fosters the kind of mobility and choice we never knew before. Twenty years ago, we in the toll industry dreamed of being mobility managers. Today, we ARE mobility managers because the technology has finally caught up with the dream. Open road tolling, as described in this issue of Tollways, is one manifestation of our  dreams realized. Let’s keep learning so we can realize tomorrow’s dreams even sooner. --Stephen F. Mayer, P.E., Ph.D.

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