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Policy and Practice, May 2006

From the President

When I look at a painting, I see many things. If it involves people, I can tell certain things about the artist and the scene by the way the figures are depicted and by their positions relative to one another. Color, light, darkness, size and perspective all contribute to the story about the subjects of the painting and the artist.  The same is true of an organization. You could say that IBTTA is part of a painting about transportation in our world. And the way IBTTA appears in this painting says something about us. The first article in this issue of Tollways tells the story about the Transportation Improvement Forum we held in Santa Monica,California in March. There we tried to paint a picture about the future of transportation. This picture is not complete. Perhaps come of the figures are not yet present. But we can fairly well see the foreground and the background. And I think we can begin to see IBTTA and the toll-road industry emerging as one of the leading figures in the painting. I think it’s a beautiful painting. And I look forward to seeing the scene and the artist continue to emerge.  -- Santiago Corral

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