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Strategy, Autumn 2007

From the President

As an employee of the Florida Department of Transportation for 33years and Director of the Turnpike for the last 18 years, I’ve seenand been a party to many different strategies to improve mobility in my state. Of all these strategies, perhaps the one I am most proud of is the enterprise model.In 2002, the Florida Legislature transformed Florida’s Turnpikeinto an Enterprise. Still part of the Florida DOT, the Turnpike Enterprise’s objective is to employ private sector methods in operating the Turnpike as abusiness for the State. An innovative experiment combining the best of both the government and business worlds, Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise utilizes the best practices of the private sector while operating in the public interest. Operating as a separate business unit of the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), Florida’s Turnpike has expanded and increased revenue, while continuing to protect  bondholders and improve customer service across the board. The results have been improved efficiency, cost-effectiveness and timely project delivery. The success of the enterprise strategy can also be seen in our customer satis - faction. Each year, the Turnpike uses an independent firm to measure customer satisfaction. And every year those satisfaction numbers continue to improve. I’m a big believer in having the right strategy. The big strategy of Florida’s Turnpike – using private sector methods to advance public sector objectives – has really paid off for us. We continue to monitor results and to adjust our  strategy as circumstances warrant. The key for us is focus on the customer. When we keep the customer first, everything else falls into place. In this issue of Tollways, you’ll read a lot about customers and the strategies needed to put them first.  --James Ely
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