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Website and Social Media Strategies and Analytics

About the Webinar

What is the first thing people do when they’re looking for some information? Today in an ever-connected world, they go online and will certainly visit your agency website. But how do you know your agency provides useful, engaging information that will help people in their lives? 

In this webinar, Marketing expert Monica Bussolati shared with you actionable advice on how to build a website that engages with your audience and how you could use website analytics to improve the performance of your website.

IBTTA's social media consultant Jenise Fryatt share IBTTA’s approach to building a vibrant and engaging community online using IBTTA's website, blog and social media channels.




Cecile Thirion is the Global Marketing Director @XeroxTransport. In that capacity, Cecile is part of Xerox Corp Executive Marketing Council (CMO and worldwide marketing leaders). She serves as Vice Chair of IBTTA's Communications and Marketing Committee. In 2014 and 2105, Cecile served as a judge for the BMA National B2 Awards. She has also served as a judge for the prestigious ANA BAA REGGIE Awards 2015. You may follow Cecile on Twitter @CecileSF.


Monica Bussolati is the Content Strategy Director of Bussolati, a marketing agency that helps nonprofit teams compete as world-class marketers. Expertise ranges from getting websites to measurably perform to marketing persona research to identifying the ROI from content marketing. Clients have included The Gallup Organization, American Society of Association Executives, Industrial Research Institute, Moment, Jewish Quarterly. Monica is a writer and blogger on topics related to getting more ROI from your marketing and the founder of Tools of Content Marketing LinkedIn group and Nonprofits Inbounding group on Follow Monica on twitter @bussolati

Jenise Fryatt is the Content Marketing Strategist for Smarter Shift. Jenise has been using social media platforms to implement consistent and comprehensive content marketing strategies since 2009. As Content Marketing Strategist for digital marketing and content management company, Smarter Shift, Jenise employs these methods in addition to in person outreach, speaking and education in furthering the marketing goals of the company as well as its clients. Jenise has designed and implemented a social media strategy called #EIR: Engage, Inform & Retweet. As a result, she began writing about event industry topics and social media on several blogs including my Icon website blog, Sound n' Sight; and Smarter Shift's blog, Content Roundtable.  Smarter Shift serves as a consultant to IBTTA’s social media strategy and outreach. Follow on Jenise on Twitter @JeniseFryatt