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Benefits of Membership

Access to Experts and Information

Get to know toll facility operators, suppliers and consulting services in the U.S. and around the world. IBTTA connects you to experts who work on all aspects of mobility and transportation financing.
  • Build valuable relationships with peers who can share practical advice

  • Access IBTTA’s TollMiner industry data and studies to measure operational effectiveness and determine trends

  • Raise your profile within the toll industry by sharing your expertise and connections

Thought Leadership & Education

Enjoy high-quality meetings, webinars and other educational experiences that offer ways to help your business stay strong and thrive.
  • Learn from worldwide experts about innovative approaches

  • Gain professional development in all aspects of the toll business

  • Apply to IBTTA’s Leadership Academy, a members-only executive program tailored to those looking to move the industry forward

  • Serve on committees and task forces that help advance the industry

"IBTTA presented one of the best finance sessions I’ve ever heard. It was a deep dive into asset management, not a quick overview. I need that kind of detail to be better at my job.”—Natalie Kinloch, The Federal Bridge Corporation

Public Awareness & Advocacy

IBTTA represents the global industry with one voice and raises the visibility of tolling in the media as well as with legislators and the public.
  • Leverage IBTTA’s expertise to educate your government officials and advance policy

  • Build public support by utilizing IBTTA resources to deliver a communications strategy

  • Receive informative studies that arm you with data points that help inform your leadership

  • Sign up for IBTTA’s SmartBrief, a daily e-newsletter of timely news covering transportation and tolling worldwide

“Congratulations to the dedicated IBTTA team on being such an efficient advocating association. We are delighted to be a member of IBTTA.”—Benoît Rossi, emovis

Maximize Your Membership in IBTTA -- Get Involved!

Once you join IBTTA, you and your staff are encouraged to get involved with groups and projects that fit your interests, expertise and schedule. Our groups are listed below.

These opportunities promote both personal and professional growth while helping to expand your network of industry insiders. There are short-term opportunities as well as long term assignments available throughout the year. The process is easy! Review the list below and choose the specific project you are interested in. Check back often to learn about new volunteer opportunities.

IBTTA Board of Directors

IBTTA's Board of Directors consists of 25 Active (toll operator) member representatives. Directors serve staggered 4-year terms, and officers serve one-year terms. The IBTTA Board sets the strategic direction of the Association, approves the outcomes to be accomplished, and assures that resources necessary for the achievement of desired outcomes are available and used efficiently. The Board of Directors meets three (3) times a year: January, April/May, and September/October. For more information about being considered for the Board of Directors, click here.

IBTTA Foundation Board of Directors

The IBTTA Foundation is the research, educational and charitable arm of IBTTA. The Foundation supports and conducts research on transportation and tolling; offers training and professional development programs including the IBTTA Leadership Academy; supports charitable good works in local communities, and operates a scholarship program. Contributions to the IBTTA Foundation and the Leadership Academy are tax-deductible under section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. Foundation directors serve staggered 3-year terms. If you would like to apply to serve on the Foundation Board, please visit the Foundation Page on our website.

Meeting Planning Groups

The Meeting Planning Groups play a vital role in amplifying key industry conversations and shaping IBTTA's educational content. Each group helps to plan our summits, workshops and Annual Meeting. Most individual groups begin formally planning the details and content of the meeting approximately 6-8 months before the meeting takes place. The best way to get involved with content planning for IBTTA’s meetings is to attend the Conference Planning Meeting, usually held in the summer to plan for the follow years' programs..

 This event has been postponed. The IBTTA staff is working to restructure this event, so stay tuned for more information soon.

Committees and Working Groups

Committees work closely with IBTTA staff and help advance the Association’s strategic plan and influence the future of the tolling industry. Committees of the Board include Communications, Membership, Site Selection, and Finance. If there is a committee you are interested in, please email IBTTA's executive director & CEO, Pat Jones.

Working Groups are ad hoc groups interested in hot topics and their impact on the industry. They may meet from 3-6 months to over a year. Connected and Autonomous Vehicles is an example of a Working Group created to meet member needs.  Please see below the four Working Groups & Councils.

Emerging Technologies Committee

The purpose of this committee is to investigate and analyze technology-related issues, topics and trends and inform the membership about new and emerging technologies. Committee work is carried out by Subcommittees of the Emerging Technologies Committee,  broken out into five subcommittees representing each of the 2020 focus areas for the committee. 

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Tolling Immersion Task Force

This is a special-purpose task force created by 2020 President Samuel Johnson to help attract younger and entry-level professionals to the tolling industry.  It serves a coordinating function among the Leadership Academy Alumni Association, the Council of Platinum Sponsors, the Young Professionals Council, and helps support internships and mentoring for those who are new to or considering a career in the tolling industry.

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Women In Tolling (WIT) Council

The mission of the WIT Council is to connect women in tolling globally, supporting diversity in leadership, and promoting professional development. The Council envisions IBTTA as a highly diverse and inclusive international organization, where everyone can see themselves reflected in the events and committees that serve the membership.

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Young Professionals Council (YPC)

The Young Professionals Council (YPC) is comprised of young professionals from the tolling and transportation industry, working together to promote the vision to “Drive the Future of IBTTA.” The council’s mission is to develop and maintain a community that will enable young professionals to bridge the gap between generations of IBTTA innovators and integrators. Interested in joining the committee, please contact Chelsea Scheid with Atkins N.A. and leading the efforts on behalf of the YPC.

Visit the YPC Website