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Government Affairs & Advocacy

IBTTA is The Advocate for the Toll Industry.

IBTTA’s government affairs and advocacy efforts are focused on educating public officials and elected representatives. Our objective is to create a political environment that fosters the growth and widespread adoption of tolling as a viable means to fund and finance surface transportation. Working closely with our members and with like-minded partner organizations, IBTTA develops policies and position papers, meets with legislators, delivers Congressional testimony, builds advocacy coalitions and supports state and local efforts to build broader support for user financing. Outside of the United States, IBTTA and l’Association Européenne des Concessionaires d’Autoroutes et d’ouvrages à Péage (ASECAP) adopted a Joint Tolling Declaration that recognizes tolling as the best tool to finance, build, maintain and improve safe, smart, reliable highway infrastructure for the benefit of road users and other citizens. 

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Highway reauthorization

2018 Trump Infrastructure Principles

Testimony and Related Material

Testimony and Related Forums

IBTTA Executive Director & CEO Pat Jones
Transportation Committee February 25th Public Hearing

Interstate Tolling Debate, (ATA & IBTTA)
Presented by The Eno Center for Transportation

2011 IBTTA President Frank McCartney
Testifies Before the Highways and Transit Subcommittee