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The IBTTA Foundation is the charitable arm of IBTTA. The Foundation supports the IBTTA Leadership Academy and the work of the Leadership Academy Alumni Association.  The Foundation supports charitable good works through an annual community service project and operates a growing scholarship program. Contributions to the IBTTA Foundation and the Leadership Academy may be tax-deductible as charitable contributions under section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code.

Interested in Serving on the Board? Details are at the bottom of this page.

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2022 Events & Sponsorship Opportunities

The Foundation had the support of 19 member sponsors along with two community sponsors for our Annual Service Project at The Boys and Girls Clubs of Northeast Ohio, where a group of more than 60 volunteers completed various projects at the complex, leaving a lasting impact on the lives of children in this community.

Additional sponsorships supporting the Foundation will be announced for the Fall. Please check back soon.

Foundation Programs

Scholarship Funds

Through a competitive selection process, the IBTTA Foundation awards $5,000 scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students who are working towards a transportation-related degree at an accredited university.

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Leadership Academy

The Leadership Academy was founded in 2008 by the IBTTA Foundation Board of Directors. It is an executive development program tailored specifically for senior-level managers in public and private sector organizations that serve the toll industry.  The Leadership Academy is funded by student tuition fees. This annual program is held every February in Washington, DC. Applications are accepted from August - October each year for the following year's class.  Applications are now being accepted through October 18, 2021. 

In 2019, the Leadership Academy formed an Alumni Association (LAAA).  The association is nearly 400 graduates strong!  Find more information here

The Leadership Academy resumed in February 2022 in Washington, DC. (View Leadership Academy Alumni). 

Save the Date for the 2023 Leadership Academy, which will be held February 12-17, 2023.  

Annual Service Project

For more than 10 years, the IBTTA Service Project has been held in conjunction with the Maintenance, Engineering & Roadway Operations Workshop. IBTTA members organize this community volunteer project with a local organization in the city where the Workshop is held.  

The 2022 event supported the Boys and Girls Clubs of Northeast Ohio and took place on Sunday, June 26th, the day before the Maintenance, Roadway Operations & Engineering Workshop, in Cleveland, OH.  Enjoy the photos from this project and all of our Past Service Projects!

2022 Annual Service Project
IBTTA Volunteer's Work is Put to Good Use!


Board Chair

Jim Wilson, TransCore, LP

Members of the Board
  • Larry Bankert, Kimley-Horn
  • Stephanie Blanco, Riverside County Transportation Commission
  • George Christopher, Emovis, an Abertis company
  • Patricia Horan, GeoPat Consulting LLC
  • Greg Le Frois, HNTB Corporation
  • Tyler Milligan, Milligan Partners
  • Fran O'Connor, Atkins

Apply to Serve on the Board

The IBTTA Foundation Board is the chief governing body of the IBTTA Foundation.  The Foundation Board helps raise money to support the scholarship fund, annual service project, and other worthy endeavors.  Foundation board members serve staggered three three-year terms and those terms begin on January 1 of the year following their election by the IBTTA Board of Directors. 

Foundation Board Member Job Description

How to apply to serve on the IBTTA Foundation Board

If you are interested in serving on the IBTTA Foundation Board, please email the following to Pat Jones, Executive Director & CEO:

  • A letter expressing your interest in serving on the IBTTA Foundation Board.
  • A short resume describing your professional experience and your relationship to tolling, transportation and IBTTA. The resume will help the nominating committee get to know you better and make an informed decision.
  • A letter signed by your Chairman or the head of the body to whom you report saying that your organization is prepared to support you in your service on the IBTTA Foundation Board including the financial and time commitment required for board service.
Supporting a candidate who has applied for a position on the foundation board

If you wish to write a letter in support of someone who is applying for a position on the IBTTA Foundation Board, please do so by emailing Pat Jones.