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The Council of Platinum Sponsors (CoPS) consists of representatives from each Platinum Sponsor. . The Council meets at regular intervals to discuss IBTTA and industry-related topics including “mega issues” that are selected in concert with the IBTTA Board of Directors and the Executive Committee. Through subcommittees, the council works collaboratively to establish positions, provide guidance, and develop materials that enable the IBTTA Board to better understand pertinent issues and make informed. 

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The current subcommittees are below along with the goals and/or focus for each. Check back to see updates on the work of each of these subcommittees.


The focus of this subcommittee is to educate, identify, and respond to the current and potential cybersecurity threats present in the transportation industry today and the potential threats in the future. Through the transfer of timely, informed, and relevant information from a set of subject matter experts across various industries we will assist the IBTTA members on ensuring their internal or contracted IT and security professionals have the latest information on the ever-changing threat landscape, latest security practices, increased their understanding on the appropriate response to a security event, and community outreach programs in the event of a security incident. Through this subcommittee, we hope to educate and inform the members on what and how to employ both strategic and tactical defenses against unauthorized and malicious access to their network and physical infrastructure.


  Tyler Milligan, 2021 Chair and Managing Partner of Milligan Partners LLC