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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Award

About the Award

This new award, established by the Task Force on Diversity, Social, and Racial Inclusion, recognizes IBTTA member organizations that make a significant contribution to advance racial justice, equity, inclusion and meaningful opportunities in society.

To be considered, your organization's program or project…

-- promotes diversity, equity, inclusion, and anti-racist policies through your work in the tolling industry.

-- provides professional growth or leadership opportunities for People of Color through your policies, projects, hiring practices, or actions.

-- demonstrates that it has had a positive environmental and economic impact on historically disadvantaged communities.

-- demonstrates your organization’s procurement efforts to provide partnership opportunities to People of Color and disadvantaged populations.

NOTE:  This new Award is separate and distinct from the Toll Excellence Awards.  

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Entry Requirements
  • Applications shall be for a project or program that has produced successful, measurable results.
  • Your organization must be an IBTTA member in order for your submission to be considered.
Submission Timeline
2021 Submission Evaluation Criteria

Each application is evaluated according to four criteria by a panel of 9 judges:

Criterion 1 (25%): To what extent are there results to demonstrate that the objective was reached and that it had a positive impact?

Criterion 2 (20%): How is the project relevant to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion?

Criterion 3 (35%): To what extent does the project/program or organization clearly represent excellence in diversity, equity and inclusion?

Criterion 4 (20%): How innovative or sustainable is the project/program or organization?