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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Award

About the Award

This award was established in 2021 by the Task Force on Diversity, Social, and Racial Inclusion.  In 2022, the Task Force expanded the award to recognize two IBTTA member organizations that made a significant contribution to advancing racial justice, equity, inclusion, and meaningful opportunities in society.  One award will go to a public sector organization, the other to a private sector organization.  The winners are recognized at IBTTA's Annual Meeting & Exhibition, in the Fall of each year. 

Details and the submission application for the award is made available in around April of each year.  If you have questions about this award, please contact Terri Lankford.

Congratulations to our 2022 Winners!

Join us to recognize this year's DEI Award Winners, in Austin during the Welcoming Remarks on Monday, September 19!

Public Sector Winner
Project: Opportunity Corridor

The Ohio Turnpike and Infrastructure Commission approved more than $200 million in funding for the Opportunity Corridor project, which included the construction of a 3.1-mile boulevard in Cleveland, Ohio, from East 55th St. at I-77/I-490 to East 105th St. It was the first time in the history of the Commission to provide funding for a transportation improvement project that had a nexus to the 241-mile Ohio Turnpike. Commission members approved the funding on the basis that it improved access from the Ohio Turnpike and other major connecting highways to the city’s renowned center of healing, arts and learning in University Circle. Because the project was funded primarily by Commission bond revenues – with no federal funding for construction – diversity and inclusion goals to select contractors were established and exceeded by using an innovative approach. Contractors were also required to provide local residents with employment and career training opportunities. Commission funding for the Opportunity Corridor project – which included a 35-mph boulevard with a median, traffic signals, pedestrian and bicycle paths, tree lawns, landscaping and motor vehicle, pedestrian, and rail bridges – has resulted in a positive environmental and economic impact on historically disadvantaged communities. As a result of the project, developers have invested nearly $1 billion in projects within a quarter mile of the Opportunity Corridor.

Private Sector Winner

Project: People and Organization Program

Originally born from Emovis’ UK flagship operation, the People and Organization program focuses on employee engagement, diversity, inclusion, health and well-being. With the success of the initial project, Emovis decided that the UK model would become the blueprint for the global operating model and human resources policies and procedures. Emovis aims for a culturally diverse workforce, approaches diversity with open arms and encourages all to apply. Emovis guarantees that, if you are suitable for the position, it will accommodate all candidate requirements. The company operates in eleven countries and has a multi-cultural and multinational workforce, employing staff from all around the globe, including six continents and more than 30 different nationalities. Its top management originate from eight different countries. Within Operations, more than 60 percent of its employees are non-white. Emovis achieves the target of 50/50 gender mix, and at the Management level, exceeds its target of more than 30 percent women. The key to its success is a culture of open communication, respect and continuous improvement. From the outset of the project, the human resources team designed a program of activities focused on employee engagement, health and wellbeing, and it was very important to achieve a diverse and inclusive environment. The company reaches out to charities and employability support organizations that work with all kinds of candidates: from people with autism, learning difficulties or other disabilities, to foreign candidates where English is a barrier for employment. For example, Emovis has employed people with all kinds of disabilities, including someone with a hearing impairment who has the support of job coaches and British Sign Language signers and someone partially sighted who receives support of specialist equipment and software and has an environment suitable for their guide dog. This approach has widened the company’s recruitment pool, attracted candidates that would lose out through "normal" channels, delivered a high retention and engagement rate and reduced attrition and absence costs. The increased engagement of its diverse workforce has also delivered significant benefits to its customers.


To be considered for this award, your organization's program or project will show how it…
  • promotes diversity, equity, inclusion, and anti-racist policies through your work in the tolling industry.
  • provides professional growth or leadership opportunities for People of Color through your policies, projects, hiring practices, or actions.
  • demonstrates that it has had a positive environmental and economic impact on historically disadvantaged communities.
  • demonstrates your organization’s procurement efforts to provide partnership opportunities to People of Color and disadvantaged populations.
Entry Requirements
  • Applications shall be for a project or program that has produced successful, measurable results.
  • Your organization must be an IBTTA member in order for your submission to be considered.

2022 Submission Timeline

2022 Submission Evaluation Criteria

Each application is evaluated according to four criteria by a panel of judges:

Criterion 1 (25%): To what extent are there results to demonstrate that the objective was reached and that it had a positive impact?

Criterion 2 (20%): How is the project relevant to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion?

Criterion 3 (35%): To what extent does the project/program or organization clearly represent excellence in diversity, equity and inclusion?

Criterion 4 (20%): How innovative or sustainable is the project/program or organization?


2021 Winner

Business Diversity Program, North Texas Tollway Authority (NTTA)

The first-ever winner of this award, established by the Task Force on Diversity, Social, and Racial Inclusion, is the North Texas Tollway Authority (NTTA). Over the last 12 years, NTTA has implemented and maintained a successful business diversity program focused on disadvantaged, minority, and woman business enterprises. As a result, NTTA is a highly sought-after resource for other tolling organizations aiming to build their own diversity programs.

NTTA was presented with the award during IBTTA's 89th Annual Meeting & Exhibition. Congratulations to the whole team at NTTA for winning this award. 

John Mahalik, Chairman of Board, NTTA, accepted the award and is pictured with Mark Compton, IBTTA President, Samuel Johnson, IBTTA Past President (2020).  NTTA shared a video and talked about their recognized program.