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Terms & Conditions (90th Annual Meeting - Austin)

Terms and Conditions
  • Health & Safety: As of March 28, 2022, IBTTA no longer requires proof of vaccination in order to attend an IBTTA event. Please read and follow the quarantine guidelines from the CDC in case you have tested positive for or have been exposed to COVID-19. The IBTTA staff will continue to monitor the guidelines and make changes as required..
  • Payment: Full payment is required before exhibit space will be reserved. All fees must be paid in U.S. dollars and drawn on a U.S. bank. Payor must assume all bank fees.
  • Exhibitor Rate: Your organization’s 2022 IBTTA membership dues must be paid in full by time of reservation to qualify for the member-discounted exhibitor rate.
  • Cut-off Date: All exhibit reservations must be secured by Friday, August 26, 2022. Exhibiting companies that have not submitted reservation forms by this date are not guaranteed to be included in final printed program.
  • Cancellation Policy: All exhibit space cancellations or reductions must be made in writing. Refunds are calculated as follows:
  1. Cancellation or reduction of exhibit space prior to August 26, 2022, a refund of 50% of exhibit space cost will be granted, unless IBTTA is able to sell the cancelled space.
  2. Cancellation of exhibit space after August 26, 2022, no refund will be granted, unless IBTTA is able to sell the cancelled space.
  • Insurance: Exhibitor shall effect insurance coverage for all exhibit merchandise at site and in transit exclusive of business interruption insurance, if applicable, and IBTTA shall not be responsible for any loss or damage thereto, howsoever incurred. The exhibitor must carry his own fire insurance and public liability insurance of not less than one million dollars and provide proof of insurance to IBTTA prior to move-in. Please note the hotel may check for this when you move in, so be sure to have proof of insurance with you onsite.
  • Exhibit Set-Up/Tear Down: Installation and dismantling of exhibits may only be conducted during the time specified. Exhibit hall hours will be posted online.
  • Exhibit Guidelines: All exhibits must be arranged so that they do not project beyond the space allotted or obstruct the view of, hide, or interfere with other exhibits. IBTTA follows the official Guidelines for Display Rules and Regulations as issued by the International Association of Exposition Management. A copy of these rules may be requested from the IBTTA office.

Among the important policies to respect is the consideration that all exhibitors must remain within the confines of their own space and no exhibitor will be permitted to erect signs or display products in such a manner as to obstruct the view or disadvantageously affect the display of other exhibitors. Take a look at the diagram below for guidance on adhering to the line of sight rules.

Basic Booth Display

  • Considerations: Exhibitors shall not play or permit the playing or performance of, or distribution of any copyrighted materials in the exhibit hall unless it has obtained all necessary rights and paid all required royalties, fees or other payment. In consideration of neighboring exhibitors, the playing of music or loud noises within the exhibit or display area is strictly prohibited. Sound of any kind must not be projected outside of the exhibit booth. Exhibitors are prohibited from employing any carnival-type attraction, animal or human, or from operating such noise-creating devices as bells, horns, or megaphones. Noise levels must not exceed 85 decibels.
  • Use of Space: Exhibitor shall not assign, sell its rights, sublet, share, or apportion the whole or any part of the space allotted, or have representatives, products, equipment, signs or printed materials from other than its own company in the assigned exhibit space. Suitcasing in the exhibit hall is forbidden.
  • Exhibit Space Occupancy: Exhibitor should occupy assigned space at the Exhibit Hall opening and should not leave space unattended during the exhibit show hours. Exhibitor is expected to only dismantle display at the official closing time of the exhibit hall on Tuesday, September 20, 2022 [for the 90th Annual Meeting & Exhibition].
  • Exhibit Design and Inclusions: Exhibitor agrees to abide by exhibit display and construction guidelines included in the Exhibitor Services Manual. All Exhibitors must remain within the confines of their own space and no Exhibitor will be permitted to erect signs or display products in such a manner as to obstruct the view, occasion injury, or disadvantageously affect the display of other Exhibitors. IBTTA will be the sole assignor of the Exhibitor’s space location and reserves the right to rearrange the floor plan and relocate any exhibit upon notification with said Exhibitor.
  • Use of Aisles and Common Areas: Distribution of samples and printed matter of any kind, and any promotional material, is restricted to the exhibit space. Any permitted food and beverage must be procured through the facility and in coordination with IBTTA staff's assistance. All aisles, passageways, and overhead space remain strictly under the control of IBTTA and no signs, decorations, banners, advertising material or special exhibit will be permitted in the aisles. Exhibit personnel should remember to remain within their own exhibit spaces. Any and all advertising distribution must be made from the Exhibitor's exhibit space. Stickers (including floor decals) are prohibited in the exhibit area. (Handouts with gummed backing that adhere or cause adhesion are considered stickers.)
  • IBTTA reserves the right to alter an exhibitor’s assigned location and/or revise the floor plan at any time in its sole discretion if deemed in the best interest of the event.
  • Additional Guidance: Review further important details for exhibiting companies in the Exhibitor Handbook.