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Green Initiative

Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority

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Social Responsibility
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In early 2010, the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (Mobility Authority) established the Green Initiative, an agency-driven program designed to infuse sustainability into transportation projects. The Green Initiative is a multi-faceted endeavor that seeks to enhance the sustainability of Mobility Authority projects and to spread a culture of environmental stewardship throughout the region and beyond. Thus far, the Mobility Authority has launched three highly successful Green Initiative Programs. One example is the Green Credits program, which is designed to promote green practices by awarding certification to transportation projects that incorporate sustainable practices. The Green Credits program is currently being used for the development of Phase II of the Manor Expressway, a 6.2 mile toll project located in Austin, Texas. The Mobility Authority is requiring the design-build developer to complete certain mandatory, sustainable initiatives and has provided a large grouping of optional sustainable i itiatives for potential use to meet a minimum number of required green credits.