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MDX ORT Outreach Campaign

Miami-Dade Expressway Authority

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Social Responsibility
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More than a project, program policy or action, MDX embarked on a campaign to move our community forward. We began a movement, a crusade, a full encompassing public outreach program to educate our customers, gain full support and establish a presence within our community as a leader in technology and as a trusted agency. The MDX ORT Outreach Campaign was intended to inform the community about the benefits of Open Road Tolling.

We first identified the key talking points on how ORT would improve the quality of life of our drivers – Safer, Faster, Cleaner and Provide for the Future. Next, the reach of this campaign needed to extend far beyond a corridor. The customary method has always been to focus efforts on public meetings within a set amount of yards from the roadway. However, in Miami-Dade one roadway can affect millions of drivers. The points of the campaign encompassed all aspects of a marketing and public relations campaign. It began with the briefing of elected official and community organizations. These briefings gave us an opportunity to explain who MDX is, what projects had already been delivered and what toll funds were being used for. However, this campaign took a turn to reach the masses. The point was to speak to our drivers in every way possible. If in their car, drivers would see traditional billboards, mobile billboards, toll booth wraps and if they were still paying cash at toll booths they received collateral pieces that explained what changes were coming to the roadway, where they could purchase a SunPass and what the important dates were. In addition, we printed informational ads in major local newspapers and community papers, purchased radio spots in English, Spanish and Creole. Then we decided to add television into the marketing mix by producing 60 second informational spots that put a picture to ORT. To complement the spots, a full 30 minute informational video was produced and aired for several weekends on major television networks. All portions of this campaign were designed to inform, but ultimately to drive traffic to a website designed just for the conversion. The new site was truly the hub of this campaign and although websites are an essential part of any campaign, we identified the need to draw attention to the site. In every piece of communication, the website became the center for all updates.