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Multi-Agency Interoperability Program

North Carolina Turnpike Authority
Award Category: 
President's Award
Customer Service & Marketing Outreach
Award Year: 

After the North Carolina Turnpike Authority(NCTA) achieved toll interoperability with  Florida’s SunPass® in July 2013 and Georgia’s Peach Pass® in November 2014, its next step was to promote NC Quick Pass® transponder ownership as an opportunity for customers to pay lower toll rates across the U.S. east coast. NCTA’s outreach campaign offered users a more convenient customer experience, with quicker, more reliable mobility than they would achieve without a transponder. In April 2015, the Authority formed a promotional partnership with the Durham Bulls—a local baseball team, and the most popular sports franchise in the North Carolina Triangle—to build customer and brand awareness. Much of the campaign focused on reaching Bill by Mail customers through a table presence at 11 Bulls games between April and August, combined with print advertising and email marketing, in an effort to promote transponder use. In June NCTA and NC Quick Pass® began distributing 200,000 promotional inserts with paper invoices mailed to North Carolina residents. The insert offered users savings of up to 35 percent, plus the ability to pay their tolls effortlessly in North Carolina, Florida, Georgia, and all states in the E-ZPass® Group.