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Program from Manual Flat-rate Pay-Per-Use Toll Collection to Electronic Distance-based Toll Collection

Taiwan Area National Freeway Bureau
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President's Award
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Taiwan Area National Freeway Bureau

The Taiwan Area National Freeway Bureau introduced its electronic, distance-based toll collection system to increase fairness and equity across the highway network, boost operational efficiency, streamline traffic flow through variable pricing, and deliver superior accuracy. The agency introduced manual and electronic tolling in February 2006, followed by an eTag system in May 2012, and now averages 14 million transactions per day with a tolling accuracy rate of 99.97% and detection accuracy of 99.9%, the world’s highest. The new system consists of 319 single gantries that feature a modular design for rapid deployment. It took only 10 months to install all the gantries, with no on-the-job accidents or loss in quality. A brief presentation and video were shown during the ceremony, held in Dublin Irleand on August 31. 

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