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SunWatch Operations Center

Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise, SunWatch Operations Center *

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The SunWatch Operations Center is a command-and-control technical support center specifically designed to manage toll collection systems 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As the hub of FTE’s complex tolling network – FTE operates more than 750 toll lanes across 606 miles from Miami to north Florida – SunWatch computers track equipment, systems, software and facilties, allowing staff to keep their fingers on the pulse of the system’s performance throughout the entire state. Through technology, they can detect and diagnose problems remotely, often making repairs from their work stations. In addition, a toll-free number into the Center allows toll-plaza personnel to report problems. SunWatch staff assess critical incidents, and when warranted, dispatch a technician to the site for speedy maintenance. SunWatch is FTE’s “high-tech eyes” on the system that work to maintain peak performance by effecting repairs swiftly, whether remotely or by efficiently deploying the 150 technical support professionals stationed across the state. In keeping with its sophisticated technology, and to allow SunWatch staff to quickly access information about the system and deploy resources, all information is depicted graphically, utilizing high-tech wall-size monitors with map overlays, status charts and alarm screens.