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The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission

Trip Talk

The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission

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President's Award
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Submission Category: Technology

Trip Talk is an application used to deliver information to drivers via smart phone device. It is the first hands-free, eyes-free, interoperable smart phone application that broadcasts travel advisories to drivers without requiring any interaction, therefore complying with state anti-texting and distracted driving laws. Drivers receive only those advisories that are within the range of the driver, thus a custom queue contains only relevant advisories for that area. When advisories are in range of the driver, their smart phones immediately “come to life” to begin broadcasting the message. Through its web interface, any agency may have its data integrated into the system so that drivers can continuously receive travel advisories, even as they cross state and agency boundaries. The interface also allows agencies to track anonymous probe data for traffic management, without recording any information about the individual user.