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Tolling Points

AET and Managed Lanes Symposium Brings Research and Practice Together

Bill Cramer

When IBTTA is in Dallas, Texas July 16-18 for its annual event on all-electronic tolling and managed lanes, the sheer professional firepower in sessions and hallway discussions will be unparalleled.

It’s a big enough deal when the tolling industry’s best technological minds gather to discuss one of the areas where techniques, systems, and business models are evolving the fastest. But this year, for the first time ever, IBTTA is joining forces with the Transportation Research Board (TRB), one of the world’s most prestigious sources of insight and analysis on the future of highway mobility. TRB’s committees on managed lanes and congestion pricing will both meet before the AET symposium gets under way, creating an easy opportunity for participants to stay over for the full conference.

“We’ve been working more closely with TRB in recent years, and we’re thrilled to be co-locating our meeting this year with two of their key committees,” says IBTTA Executive Director and CEO Pat Jones. “Joint symposia work best when each party can learn and gain from the other, and that’s definitely the case here.”

A Bigger Tent

The net result of a joint symposium is a bigger tent for both organizations.

When the conference gets under way, the overlaps between the two groups will be a standout opportunity to share knowledge, experience, and breakthrough ideas on systems and innovations that are driving the success of tolled facilities. TRB and IBTTA co-created the symposium agenda, ensuring that the compelling issues on participants’ minds are explored by industry experts from around the world.

“Managed lanes and AET have both arrived as mainstream mobility options, and as more toll agencies get onboard, the base of experience gets a lot wider, a lot faster,” Jones notes. “This is the perfect time to combine theory and practice, in the interest of advancing both.”

The Next Wave of Priorities

The symposium program covers a range of tough questions and new opportunities in tolling technologies. A general session on research priorities focuses on managed lane research and implementation, performance management, and the impact of electronic toll collection on managed lane users.

One of several breakout sessions addresses the technologies that are driving customer behavior while they’re on the road, from roadside traveler information systems to an array of innovative apps.

Participants in the business and operations track will look at a series of emerging trends and opportunities, including toll collection in the shared economy, software as a service (SaaS) as an option for back office operations, and an innovative peak-spreading pilot project now rolling out in Texas.

And—back by popular demand—the program includes the Tech Talks format that received high praise from participants at last year’s AET and managed lanes summit. Topics include autonomous vehicles and public awareness, big data for intelligent transportation systems and the math and language behind license plate readers, and much more. Check out the symposium program for all the details.

“With TRB joining us in Dallas, this year’s AET and managed lanes symposium will really take the discussion to the next level,” Jones says. “It’s an exciting opportunity that will deliver a return on participants’ meeting investment from the moment they get home.”

Sign up today for the IBTTA/TRB Joint Symposium on AET and Managed Lanes, July 16-18, 2017 in Dallas Texas.