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Tolling Points

Austin, Texas: Rapid Growth, New Businesses, and a Need for Mobility

Bill Cramer

In this introductory video for IBTTA’s 82nd Annual Meeting and Exhibition September 14-17 in Austin Texas, Mike Heiligenstein highlights the rapid growth that has fed the community’s need for a fresh approach to funding highway transportation.

“We have a little saying in Austin about keeping Austin weird,” said Heiligenstein, Executive Director of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, and IBTTA’s 2014 President.

“What we really mean is…let’s keep it moving, moving forward. Austin is a dynamic community, we have tremendous growth, new businesses, new industries, and what you’re going to experience is one of the most fantastic cities in North America.”

Click here for more on IBTTA’s 82nd Annual Meeting and Exhibition, September 14-17, 2014 in Austin, TX.



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