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Come Early, Stay Late for IBTTA's Annual Meeting

Bill Cramer

When IBTTA gathers in Baltimore in mid-October for its 86th Annual Meeting and Exhibition, you won't have to wait for the official meeting to start for great content and learning.

This year, some of the best discussion and interaction will take place before the official event, so come early and stay late.

Drilling Down to the Specifics – Pre-Meeting Roundtables

The Annual Meeting is a moment each year for the entire global tolling community to gather, breaking down the barriers of geography, discipline and functional role. But as one of the industry’s biggest assemblies, it’s also an opportunity for subject specialists to find each other.

That’s why we’re planning a series of specialized technical tours and roundtables on Sunday, October 14. Register for the Technical Tours of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, the Fort McHenry Tunnel and Maryland Transportation Authority (MdTA) Operations Center. Sign up for roundtables to discuss connected and autonomous vehicle technologies, procurement and contracting and communications and marketing. We’ll also hold a special, invitation-only executives roundtable. The narrow-cast focus and the smaller session sizes will make it easy for participants to network, share challenges and solutions, and drill down into the specific issues that consume time, attention, and resources within their organizations.

“Our association’s focus this year is Trust and Accountability, and the pre-conference sessions at the Annual Meeting align nicely with that theme,” says IBTTA President Tim Stewart, Executive Director of the E-470 Public Highway Authority.

“We build trust and accountability by bringing our best to our organizations and by working to make sure our customers and stakeholders receive the best every day. Each of the pre-conference sessions, each in its own way, will strengthen our capacity to deliver on one of the most important promises any business can make.”

Building the Future of Tolling

The day before, Saturday afternoon, a special session for IBTTA Leadership Academy alumni will take place. A four-hour strategic development workshop, designed to plan next steps for an annual program that has become an essential cornerstone of the global tolling industry’s success.

The conference brochure refers to the Academy as a “highly-coveted program”, and that’s no exaggeration. For many years, it’s been an opportunity for the next generation of tolling executives to burnish their skills, get up to speed on the strategic issues facing the industry, and build the peer networks that will help them serve their organizations and advance in their careers.

A program like the Leadership Academy can’t stand still. That’s why we’ll be devoting four hours to think about the future of the program that really is the industry’s future.

“The session will help us generate a roadmap for upcoming course content, while creating an unparalleled learning experience for future attendees,” said Chancellor, Andy Fremier, P.E., Bay Area Toll Authority, Metropolitan Transportation Commission. “In our fast-changing world of transportation and emerging technology, we look forward to this collaborative exchange of ideas, as well as reconnecting with fellow Academy alumni and colleagues.”

Be sure to stay late for the closing banquet, the auction to benefit the IBTTA Foundation and the announcement of IBTTA's 2018 President's Toll Excellence Award winner.

Register for IBTTA’s 86th Annual Meeting and Exhibition, October 14-16 in Baltimore.



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