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Dubai Goes Big With ORT Expansion Project

Bill Cramer

This is the last post in our series of international tolling success stories. I hope you have enjoyed our posts this past week.

Salik means ‘open’ or ‘clear’ in Arabic, and that was precisely the goal when Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority funded a US$6.6-million effort to establish 14 Open Road Tolling lanes along the city’s major thoroughfares, six new electronic toll collection gates, and three new tolling points to encourage diversions to alternate routes.

Despite often severe desert conditions, the Salik Open Road Tolling System Expansion Project delivered one of the world’s largest open-road, multi-lane, free-flowing tolling point—and, at more than 44 metres, one of the world’s widest single-direction, free-flowing tolling zone. The system features complete over-road maintenance capacity inside cladded gantries, to allow for routine maintenance without closing a road down.

The Roads and Transport Authority’s efforts brought it a 43% reduction in off-peak traffic volumes, more than 1.4 million Salik accounts, and international recognition, in the form of IBTTA’s 2014 Toll Excellence Award for Technology.

“The Salik Toll System is running with 99.98% up time, in spite of the severe operating conditions it must sometimes accommodate,” the agency states. “More than 95% of users say they’re satisfied with the new highway. And for electronic payments, customers can choose from more than 2,400 payment options and find a recharge point within 150 metres of any location in Dubai. We’re proud that the Salik Expansion Project has succeeded on all of these critically important dimensions.”

Click here to download IBTTA’s SmartMove Success Story on the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority’s Salik Open Road Tolling System Expansion Project.


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