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Tolling Points

Five Minutes with Jim Trogdon

Bill Cramer

Maj. Gen. Jim Trogdon, PE, is Vice President of Business Development, Mid-Atlantic at Atkins, and leads the policy and politics track for IBTTA’s 82nd Annual Meeting and Exhibition September 14-17. When Bill Cramer, Communications Director caught up with Trogdon last month, he asked him what he was most looking forward to in Austin.

“The most important news this year is the use of toll revenues to help close the gap between transportation revenues and needs, in light of continuing difficulty fully funding transportation infrastructure through motor fuel taxes. Our program looks at how to use all-electronic tolling to leverage private equity; how to improve and update the interstate highway system by giving states the flexibility to use these tools; and how to deliver projects using public-private partnerships, in a way that balances the needs of lenders, concessionaires, and public priorities.

“We have Bob Poole with the Reason Foundation, who will discuss how interstate tolls could be in the best interest of the nation and its highway users. Ed Regan with CDM Smith will look at a vision for 2030 and the steps that need to be taken to achieve this vision. We have Secretary LeBas of the Louisiana DOT, discussing experience and solutions in her state. And Jim Ray with KPMG talking about critical steps in the delivery of P3 managed lane projects.

“Thought leadership is communicating ideas for feedback, perspectives, collaboration, and consensus. This meeting is about achieving all of those, to help solve some of our nation’s most vexing infrastructure challenges. I look forward to learning a great deal.”

Click here to learn more about IBTTA’s 82nd Annual Meeting and Exhibition, September 14-17, 2014 in Austin, Texas.


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