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Tolling Points

Grassroots Toll Kit for Infrastructure Week 2014

Bill Cramer

It’s here! Amid the flurry of activity last week around the White House transportation proposal, you may have missed the release of the Grassroots Toll Kit, a guide to local communications and advocacy for IBTTA members and supporters.

Although the focus right now is on the United States Congress, the campaign for funding transportation infrastructure will be fought and won from the ground up. We know that customers—also known as voters—embrace tolling when they see the dollars they spend helping to improve the roads they drive.

Which means that tolling, like politics, is ultimately local.

IBTTA produced the Grassroots Toll Kit to assist you with your message when speaking with local, state and federal elected officials, the media and the general public. Its key elements include:

  • Background on IBTTA’s legislative priorities and recent testimony to Congress;
  • A series of tolling fact sheets;
  • Nearly a dozen success stories that highlight the value tolling agencies deliver back to their communities; and
  • Videos produced for IBTTA’s Moving America Forward campaign.

The Grassroots Toll Kit is an important milestone in the campaign to establish tolling as an essential tool in the transportation funding toolbox, across the United States and around the world.  The Kit is dynamic and constantly growing, so please send us any resources you’ve developed to tell your own story.

To talk to your colleagues about local tolling advocacy, click here to register for IBTTA’s 82nd Annual Meeting and Exhibition, September 14-17 in Austin, TX. Earn a 10% discount for registering online!

photo credit: Robert S. Donovan via photopin cc


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