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Preview of the 2022 Global Tolling Summit with the Chief Meeting Organizers

Jennifer Walsh

The IBTTA Global Tolling Summit will take place in Dublin, Ireland from October 23 through 25. This is the first time in three years that IBTTA has held a Summit in Europe, and we have a packed program.

As we look towards the start of the Summit, Tolling Points spoke with Chief Meeting Organizers Geraldine Walsh, Head of Road User Charging for Transport Infrastructure Ireland, and Francis O’Connor, Vice President and Director of National Tolls for Atkins N.A.

Could you tell us a little about Dublin? Why is this such an ideal location to bring the tolling community together?

Geraldine: Dublin is a very dynamic city that represents the old and the new; it is founded in tradition and history and yet has eloquently evolved to a very modern cultural city in response to a need for change.  Dublin for me, therefore, represents that message for us all in the tolling industry that we need to build upon our strong learnings and experiences to assist us in embracing the future and the fact that change is a constant. What better place to do that than Dublin? We are very excited here to have the event on our doorstep.

Francis: Geraldine is spot on with her response. We were here in Dublin in 2015 for the IBTTA annual meeting and it was such a success. We are excited to be back in Dublin seven years later, bringing a wealth of knowledge on the changes in the industry. As Geraldine said, Dublin is rich in history that has transformed into a contemporary city. This modern city includes the transformation of the transportation industry with sustainability. 

You both built a strong program. Could you tell us some of the highlights or themes for the sessions?

Geraldine: There are some fantastic sessions, a number of which are focused upon the three “Es” of Sustainability:  Environment, Economics and Equity. Sustainability needs to be at the heart of all that we do now and coupled with this is the need to think creatively and ensure that our responses to climate action are equitable, fair and innovative. These themes will be covered right throughout the program and will hopefully provide some very interesting insights.

Francis: All are great sessions. The planning team did a fantastic job in putting the sessions together on sustainability. We have global experts that will present on the important topics within Sustainability. 

IBTTA is known for its ability to bring people together and share ideas. What are some of the networking and social events happening during the Summit?

Geraldine: There are various events kicking off on Sunday with a technical tour of Transport Infrastructure Ireland’s (TII) Motorway operations control center for those more interested in the technical detail. It is a flagship operation for TII and critical to the operation and management of the strategic road network in the Dublin environs. For those who are perhaps inspired by a bit of history– make sure to attend the Glasnevin Cemetery tour where you are promised to hear some interesting tales and stories about some of Irelands inspirational leaders. This is information you might not just get from “Goggle” so do go along. Of course, on Monday night there is the reception at the Guinness Storehouse–need I say more!

Francis: You need to make sure you participate in the sessions, but also participate in the lunches and breaks. They give you a great place and time to network with your colleagues. 

Why do you think it is important for members to attend the Global Summit and other IBTTA meetings?

Geraldine: Events such as these provide such a wonderful opportunity not only to learn and listen but also to network, understand the latest advances from our exhibitors and presenters, make new contacts, re-engage with established contacts and learn first-hand of experiences from others. These events are about sharing knowledge so that we can all learn and collectively move forward.

Francis: Geraldine sums it up brilliantly. 

What has it meant to you to serve as a CMO for the Summit?

Geraldine: It has indeed been an honor; it has been a pleasure working with all the team at the IBTTA and TII in bringing, what I believe to be, a very exciting and topical event. I am new to the tolling industry, so serving as CMO has already allowed me to foster new relationships and hopefully bring some insights from my previous experiences. I am very much looking forward to the event.

Francis: I have been CMO before (including Technology Summits and an Annual meeting), but this was very different because it really brings out the I in IBTTA. It allows me to see what is happening all over the world in this very important area of sustainability. This Global Summit allows me to expand into the international horizon. And, to top it off, being a Co-CMO with Geraldine was an honor and pleasure.  

Anything else you want members to know?

Geraldine: Take time to enjoy Dublin and Ireland, participate in the learning, partake in the social and enjoy!

Francis: You need to attend the sessions to learn and network, but you also need to take time to walk Dublin. St. Stephen’s Green and Trinity College is a short walk from the hotel. I would also be remiss if I didn’t mention the great Irish Pubs in Dublin. Slainte!!


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Wednesday, October 19, 2022 - 12:15


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