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Tolling Points

Thomas Friedman, Infrastucture Prophet

If there is a prophet of infrastructure investment, his name is Thomas L. Friedman.

A recent Friedman column that mainly focused on America’s geopolitical red lines also contained this prod for us to focus on infrastructure:
Future historians will surely ask how we in America could not agree on sensible near-term infrastructure investment — to upgrade our country with cheap money — paired with a long-term package of tax reforms and spending cuts, phased in gradually as the economy improves, so we have a much sturdier balance sheet to survive any geopolitical storms.
Regular readers of Mr. Friedman’s New York Times column know he is one of the most reliable and persistent advocates for investing in infrastructure. Especially now when the economy is weak. When interest rates and labor costs are at historical lows, we should put people to work rebuilding the roads, bridges, and other transportation facilities we will need when the economy starts to boom again. This rebuilding will also help us be better prepared to address the geopolitical red lines now on the horizon.


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