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Tolling Points

Tolling Heralds a Highway Financing Renaissance

Bill Cramer

The renaissance is about to begin. And tolling is leading the way.

That’s the optimistic, yet realistic message in an IBTTA guest post published earlier this week by the InfrastructureUSA blog, an influential website that advocates to restore America’s infrastructure.

“With state governments and regional agencies leading the way, America might just be entering a renaissance in highway construction, reconstruction, and financing,” wrote IBTTA CEO and Executive Director Patrick Jones. About three dozen state legislatures have taken up transportation funding bills in the last year, and “the trend extends to every part of the country, crossing the line between red and blue states,” he noted.

“The specific programs and solutions vary widely, but they have one feature in common: They all involve state legislatures, regional mobility authorities, or local transportation agencies finding creative ways to fund the safe, reliable transportation services we need and expect as voters, taxpayers, and highway users.”

Visit our website for more on IBTTA’s public awareness campaign, Moving America Forward.


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