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Tolling Points

Will Self-Driving Vehicles Transform Transportation?

Bill Cramer

Self-driving or autonomous vehicles have been a popular topic among transportation professionals for some time. Google's recent efforts in the field have increased the chatter. Several states such as Nevada, Florida, California, Michigan and the District of Columbia have laws addressing autonomous vehicles.

But how close are we to seeing driverless cars in our everyday reality and what impact will they have on transportation in general?

This week we asked Joshua Schank, President and CEO of the Eno Center for Transportation, to join our #TranspoChat discussion on the question, "Are autonomous vehicles the wave of the future?"

Joshua shared his take on the topic, informed by The Eno Center's recent research paper, Preparing a Nation for Autonomous Vehicles: Opportunities, Barriers and Policy Recommendations. The paper focuses on the changes and benefits autonomous vehicles could bring to the nation’s transportation system as well as barriers to implementation, liabilities and other related issues.

To view our summary of the chat, click here.

photo credit: ekai via photopin cc

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