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Agency Member Dues Calculation

Instructions for Calculating 2022 Member Dues FOR TOLL OPERATORS

Step 1

To determine your correct dues amount, IBTTA has developed this simple “one step” dues calculation tool that will do all of the math for you. In the yellow box below, enter your agency's total toll revenue from its last complete fiscal year (year ended prior to January 1, 2022). Results are provided for agencies both within North America and outside North America.

Step 2

After you have calculated the membership dues amount, click on the Revenue Reporting Form below to inform IBTTA staff of the results.

Revenue Reporting Form

IBTTA staff will then generate a dues invoice for your convenience in facilitating payment which will be accessible to the primary contact under the "My Organization's Invoices" tab when logged in to his/her profile.

You may also download the worksheet to determine annual dues for your organization.

Organizations that do not own or operate toll facilities fall under the Associate/Sustaining Member category and will not use this calculation tool to determine annual membership dues. Please refer to the categories and dues information provided on the Join Today page.

For further assistance, please contact Terri Lankford