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White Papers

Emerging Technologies Committee

Thank you for your interest in downloading the White Papers, developed by the five sub-committees of the IBTTA Emerging Technologies Committee.  The papers available are:

  • Big Data White Paper 2019, How Toll Agencies Can Make Best Use of Big Data, Big Data Working Group
  • CAV White Paper 2019, CAV and Toll Agencies: Impacts, Role of Toll Agencies, and Roadmap for Deployment, CAV/CASE Workgroup
  • Drones White Paper 2019, A Guide for Building an Agency Drone Program, Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Workgroup
  • Innovation within an Agency White Paper 2019, Strategies for Innovation and Technology, Innovation/Strategy Role within an Agency Working Group
  • Tolling_Customer Mgt White Paper.2019.Final, A Roadmap for Engagement with Third-party Account Issuers, Tolling and Customer Service Working Group


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