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Tolling Points

A centerpiece of the strategy behind IBTTA’s Moving America Forward campaign is to open conversations and find common ground with other transportation stakeholders. Especially organizations that might initially be surprised to hear from us. In the... Read More
Guest Blog by Robert Poole, Searle Freedom Trust Transportation Fellow and Director of Transportation Policy at the Reason Foundation Ten years ago Texas was emerging as the nation’s leading venue for tolling and public-private partnership highway... Read More
[View Larger Image] First, Virginia’s Midtown Tunnel was named #1 Road Project in North America for 2014 by Road and Bridges magazine. Now the bridge’s operator, Elizabeth River Crossings (ERC) OpCo, LLC, is out with an infographic that busts some... Read More
As state governments begin seeking out their own solutions to the highway infrastructure funding crisis, IBTTA is receiving more requests for facts, information and testimony in support of local and regional tolling solutions. That’s what happened... Read More
More than 200,000 customers on a single corridor can’t be wrong. And that’s the traffic Transurban recorded in its first month after it opened tolling on the 95 Express Lanes in Northern Virginia. “Over the last few weeks, the 95 Express Lanes have... Read More
The monarch butterfly is Illinois’ state insect. So as evidence mounted that the monarch is threatened by declining habitats, it was a smart, environmentally friendly and symbolic gesture for the Illinois Tollway to step up and take action. Late... Read More
The “first domino to fall” on mileage-based user fees will be in place in April when Oregon begins operational trials of its road user charging pilot project. That’s the way Tom Taylor, Verizon Telematics Vice President of Advanced Strategy,... Read More
As the dimensions of U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx’s 30-year transportation plan gradually take shape, two things are becoming clear. America in 2045 will be a much more multi-modal place than it is today. And highways will still be the... Read More
A couple of excellent visualizations on the Washington Post’s Wonkblog earlier this month got me wondering: How would you use maps to represent the benefits of tolling? The concept is powerful: On February 2, a map produced by Eric Fischer at Mapbox... Read More
In a wide-ranging commentary last month, the Brookings Institution pointed to the higher purpose we serve when we build, finance, and maintain highway infrastructure. “Concrete, steel and fiber-optic cable are the essential building blocks of the... Read More