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IBTTA Honorary Members

Honorary Members are individuals who have made an outstanding contribution in furthering IBTTA's mission.

2021 Honorary Members

Fran O'Connor

Vice President, Director of National Tolls

Fran serves as Atkins’ national director of tolling programs. In this role, Fran oversees all of Atkins’ Tolling Clients. Throughout his 35-year career, Fran has overseen Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) programs and customer service center (CSC) operations for tolling agencies around the country. He has enjoyed particular success in forming and leading interoperability projects, such as between the North Carolina Toll Authority (NCTA) and Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise (FTE); between NCTA and E-ZPass; and FTE with the Georgia State Road and Tollway Authority (SRTA). He also has extensive experience in all electronic tolling (AET) systems and toll operations. Fran has worked closely with toll agencies nationwide to develop, deliver, and manage large-scale tolling programs. He spent a significant portion of his career at the NJTA, where he ultimately served as deputy director of ETC.


Servando Parapar, P.E.

Transporte, LLC

Servando is the founder of Transporte, LLC, which uses the latest innovation in transportation technology to bridge the gap between the inception of an idea and its effective and timely implementation. He is well positioned to assist in the development of alternative funding and operating schemes for future transportation infrastructure. Previously, he led the Miami-Dade Expressway Authority (MDX) as its Executive Director for 11 years. His responsibilities included long-range planning, financing, producing and operating the MDX system. Servando spearheaded MDX’s twenty-year master transportation plan. Prior to MDX, he worked for FDOT and among his achievements there was the conceptualization and promotion of multi-modal links and inter-modal transportation centers for Miami-Dade County. Servando is a former Board member of the IBTTA.


Rosa Rountree

Chief Executive Officer

Rosa, the Chief Executive Officer for Egis Projects, Inc. is a strategic visionary offering more than twenty years of executive management and leadership experience within the transportation and service industries. She has led, planned, and cultivated a productive workforce throughout North America for both private and public sectors. Rosa experiences includes new business development, project start-up, profitability improvement, project management implementation, financial and sensitivity analysis, customer service and toll operation supporting more than 20 toll agencies, transit projects, and credential processing for commercial trucking.


Chris Tomlinson

Executive Director
State Road and Tollway Authority (SRTA)

Chris serves as the Executive Director for the State Road and Tollway Authority (SRTA), the Georgia Regional Transportation Authority (GRTA) and the Atlanta-region Transit Link Authority (the ATL). In his combined executive leadership roles, Chris leads three state level authorities whose shared missions are focused on improving mobility in Georgia by providing reliable, integrated transportation solutions to Georgia motorists and transit commuters. Chris serves on the Board of Directors for the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) and is a member of the IBTTA Board of Directors, currently serving as Immediate Past President. Before his appointment to IBTTA’s Board of Directors, Chris actively served the association on various committees including Chair of the Audit Committee in 2016. Prior to his current roles, Chris served as Deputy Executive Director and General Counsel for SRTA. In this role, he was responsible for day-to-day operations and legal issue management. Prior to joining SRTA, he served as General Counsel for several state agencies, including the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT), the Georgia Technology Authority and the Georgia State Financing and Investment Commission, where he also served as Deputy Director for the Construction Division.


Joe Waggoner

CEO/Executive Director
Tampa-Hillsborough Expressway Authority

Joe is the Executive Director for the Tampa Hillsborough Expressway Authority (THEA). Under Joe’s leadership, THEA’s maintenance, operation and financial positions have significantly improved. Conversion of THEA’s Lee Roy Selmon Expressway to all-electronic tolling in 2010 made it Florida’s first expressway to be completely electronic. In 2014, THEA became a member of the Affiliated Test Beds under the USDOT’s Office of the Assistant Secretary for Research and Technology, offering its facilities for use in the advancement of automated and connected vehicle technologies. In 2015 THEA was selected to develop a Connected Vehicle Pilot Project by the USDOT. Joe’s education and 35+ years of experience in the development of a variety of transportation modes give him a broad perspective on transportation issues. Joe is retiring from THEA in early 2022.


IBTTA Honorary Members

All IBTTA Honorary Members are listed in alphabetical order below. Our newest Honorary Members for 2021 are denoted by bold text.

Michael C. Ascher
Anthony J. Barber
José Manuel Basañez
Stanley J. Britton
James Brookshire
Paul Burnette
Susan A. Buse
Lisa C. Callahan
Carney J. Campion
Jose Luis Ceron
Oliver K. Compton Jr.
Santiago Corral
James A. Crawford
Earl "Buddy" Croft 
Ronald Cunningham
Henri Cyna
Robert L. Davis
Ronald J. Delaney
Antonio Diez de Rivera
John T. Driscoll
JJ Eden
James L. Ely
Alain Estiot
Robert J. Farrell
Jose Luis Ferreiro
Jack Finn
William J. Flanagan
R. D. Fogo
E. R. Foley

Neil Gray
Daniel W. Greenbaum
Roger Ginocchi
Jordi Graells
James Griffin
John J. Hassett
Mike Heiligenstein
Robert G. Horr III
Frank A. Howe
Allan V. Johnson
David Kristick
Roy G. LancasterVince Leonetti
Lawrence J. Lewis
Dale W. Luehring
Burt H. Marshall
Jorge Masiá Mas-Bagá
Stephen F. Mayer
Frank G. McCartney
John McCuskey
Jean Mesqui
William J. Miller Jr.
Jean Millier
Kodo Ogata
Fran O'Connor
Mary Jane O’Meara
Servando Parapar, P.E.
K. C. Pearson
Ken Philmus
D. Rafael del Pino y Moreno

Jean-Françios Poupinel
Howard M. Reily
Edward Regan
Javier Rodriguez
Vito Rocco
Rosa Rountree
Lawrence A. Rubin
W. A. Rusch
Franco Schepis
Neil Schuster
Malika Seddi
Gordon Slaney
Steven Snider
Tim Stewart
Emanuela Stocchi
Charles H. Taylor
Christopher Tomlinson
Mary E. Turkington
Paul E. Violette
Joe Waggoner
Russell I. Wilcox
Kary H. Witt
John R. Woodruff
Harold W. Worrall
Norman H. Wuestefeld
Larry Yermack
George P. Zilocchi
Bruce Zimmerman