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Tolling Points

Long-time highway funding champion, road usage charging aficionado, and avid bicycle enthusiast Earl Blumenauer, also known since 1996 as the elected representative for Oregon’s Third Congressional District, has emerged as an early supporter of a... Read More
Kevin Hoeflich, Senior Vice President and Chairman of Toll Services at HNTB Corporation, and Alison MacDonald, Communications Manager at Halifax Harbour Bridges, are Chief Meeting Organizers for IBTTA’s 87th Annual Meeting and Exhibition, September... Read More
You’ll come away with a “big lift” for your asset management program, and for your own sense of what’s possible for an innovative tolling agency, when you attend IBTTA’s 87th Annual Meeting and Exhibition, September 15-17, 2019 in Halifax, Nova... Read More
A groundbreaking wildlife conservation plan, a pro-active traffic management system using real-time GIS, and an innovative approach to financing public-private partnerships (P3s) are among the winners of IBTTA’s prestigious 2019 Toll Excellence... Read More
It was the road trip that gave birth to all future road trips. A test of an emerging roadway network that failed so magnificently that it forced a conversation about solutions that would work. The formative experience that planted the seeds of... Read More
With scorching summer heat hitting an unheard-of June high of 45.9°C/114.6°F in a town in France last week and warmer temperatures in many parts of the U.S., extreme weather is beginning to change some of the bedrock assumptions on which toll roads... Read More
Later this week, hundreds of millions of Americans will be hitting the road to celebrate the Independence Day weekend. As we head out in different directions with our family and friends, we’ll be counting on the nation’s toll road system to get us... Read More
As the United States readies for another presidential election cycle and 2020 elections in general, there’s an important takeaway for advocacy groups that has nothing to do with partisan politics, or with specific party positions on the issues. It’... Read More
If there’s one thing tolling and user financing advocates have learned over the years, it’s how to adapt to the long game. You spot a need to move public policy forward. You do your research, gather your data, connect and collaborate with your... Read More
Patty Rubstello, PE, Assistant Secretary of the Washington State Department of Transportation, and Kimberly Jackson, National Toll Marketing and Communication Program Manager at Jacobs, are Co-Chief Meeting Organizers for IBTTA’s Communication and... Read More