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Tolling Points

One of the key issues transportation organizations are facing when it comes to implementing road-user charging (RUC) systems is what to do with all that data—how to collect it, how to process it, and, most importantly, how to keep it all safe.  On... Read More
When I think about the future of tolling, I think about my family, my kids specifically. That’s all any of us need to do really. I have four adult kids who love to get together at mom and dad’s house whenever possible. It’s funny how they can’t wait... Read More
Every country’s transportation system is as distinct as the country itself, but not when it comes to safety. In the pursuit of Vision Zero—an international term referring to the goal of bringing traffic fatalities down to zero—each country’s... Read More
In the recent weeks and days, there has been lots of action and spin from both houses of Congress and the White House on President Biden’s Build Back Better proposals. It seems that an accounting of topline spending, what’s in and what’s out, how... Read More
When a driver manages to go through a toll facility without a valid payment method for the toll, the toll operator snaps into action (typically by snapping a license plate photo) and begins the process of collecting the correct amount owed by a... Read More
Today, it’s nearly impossible to do anything without leaving behind a digital footprint. Even tasks or actions that have always been thought of as comparatively analog now involve the creation of some piece of digital data.   Driving a car used to... Read More
The tolling industry, along with its customers, has experienced tremendous growth and change in the last several years. Following are examples of some of the more significant changes:   Younger Generation: with their social media and digital... Read More
On the twentieth anniversary of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, we remember all whose lives were lost or irretrievably changed by the events of that day. On the tenth anniversary of 9/11, during IBTTA’s Annual Meeting in Berlin,... Read More
Software as a Service is the logical evolution of the Tolling Back Office Toll roads may have been serving travelers since the Susa-Babylon highway in 7th century BC, but it was not until the 21st century that drivers escaped needing cash-in-hand... Read More
E Pluribus Unum isn’t just the motto included on the U.S. national seal. It’s also a good way to describe how Congress is putting together a final infrastructure bill: out of many proposals, one that looks pretty good from the tolling industry’s... Read More