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Tolling Points

It’s an area where front-line tolling agency staff can make a life-changing, life-saving difference, just by reading the signs. Where agencies can join forces with the truckers who are among the most frequent users of their roads. Where the... Read More
Guest blog by Harold Worrall, Tolling Advisor, PayTollo Inc. Overview In looking to the future, there are ample opportunities for increased use of tolling as a pricing mechanism. It is widely recognized that fuel taxes and other excise taxes will... Read More
By Mark Muriello, Director of Policy & Government Affairs, IBTTA On June 4, 2021, the U.S. House of Representatives Transportation and Infrastructure (T&I) Committee released its ‘‘Investing in a New Vision for the Environment and Surface... Read More
Guest blog by JJ Eden, Executive Director, North Carolina Turnpike Authority This article appeared in the June issue of Traffic Technology International Over the last twenty years, technology has transformed our economy, society, and our... Read More
Capitol Hill is gearing up for a momentous week on surface transportation, with the Senate Environment and Public Works (EPW) Committee planning a vote tomorrow on the bipartisan Reauthorization bill it released this past Saturday. In the House,... Read More
An interview with Pat Jones, Executive Director and CEO, IBTTA The global tolling industry is poised to build out from a strong foundation of success and embrace an immediate future that is more reliant on mobile technologies and brings a far... Read More
Following last week’s IBTTA’s Technology Summit, Nina Lewis, Tolls Analyst with Atkins writes a guest blog on automation in tolling. Tolling analysts dig through vast amounts of data to find proverbial needles in haystacks when they are trying to... Read More
Around the world, transportation agencies are focused on advancing old infrastructure to accommodate new uses, such as autonomous vehicles, electric vehicles, and charging stations. IBTTA recently reported on the $2.6 trillion infrastructure funding... Read More
SolarWinds, Microsoft and FireEye are large organizations with extremely well-developed cybersecurity programs in place, yet a group of Russian attackers executed a successful cyberattack that impacted each of them. Another group of attackers,... Read More
Congestion charging is an increasingly popular topic in cities wrestling with traffic congestion. Congestion pricing means charging fees for road use in order to reduce demand. Some cities have defined a cordon around the city center, which when... Read More